618 Steve Tate Highway, Marble Hill, GA 30143

fresh  /freSH/

1. recently made or obtained; not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved. newly harvested, garden-fresh, not stale, crisp, firm, unwilted, unfaded.

2. not previously known or used; new or different.

Open Saturdays from May - October
8:00 am to Noon

 Potts Mountain is a neighborhood hub for fostering creativity and community awareness. Through collaboration and creativity, we strive to cultivate an appreciation for our local farmers, tradespeople, artisans and bakers. There are no vendor fees and tents are provided.

Our Vendors

are independently-owned businesses offering fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables, locally raised beef, pork, and eggs, artisan baked goods, flowers, handmade jewelry and craft items, and so much more.

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JeepFest Camping

Potts Mountain is the CLOSEST Camping to Home Base. Reserve your space!

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